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The Horned King

The Horned King


We have the face of an Overlord. He was known as "The Horned King". He ruthlessly ruled the vast mountain world with an iron hand until he suddenly vanished.  Known to slaughter innocents as a way to sew fear, his disappearance was celebrated. Thousands of years later, the number of stories grow as his death toll of innocents increases. Half-eaten bodies, his trademark, are scattered through time until NOW!  


His legacy is brought back from the shadows to haunt us with a heightened sense of terror.  Fear Face FX has summoned the evil and we are selling it online.  Can you control the mask, or will it control you.  Wear it if you dare!

  • Refunds and Exchanges

    Due to the crazy and dangerous nature of the "Haunting" industry, No refunds or exchanges will be accepted.  

    Each mask is tested for strength and integrity before being shipped so if you break it or rip it...we fix it ($50)

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